Our team comprises of qualified, competent, enthusiastic and experienced professionals. We believe in a result oriented approach and are passionate about our work. We truly care about our client’s success and satisfaction and hence keep upgrading and improving ourselves in every way possible.

Our goal is to always work in line with our Mission and Vision. Therefore, quality and commitment is our supreme objective. We are here to provide the best and the most professional experience to our clients, but with a healing touch.

Richa Agarwal


Clinical Hypnotherapist, Past Life Regression Therapist, Fertility Consultant, Trainer of Hypnotherapy, Life Skills Coach


Richa holds a Masters Degree in Computer Science and was into Program Management domain in the Software industry, working with top MNCs for almost 12 years. She developed a strong faith in Hypnotherapy, when she personally experienced it, due to her own circumstances, and found it to be extremely powerful.

Richa has since become very compassionate about complimentary medicine and believes that it is a much desired need of the moment. Though Allopathy is a structured scientific way of treating a variety of ailments, however, complimentary medicine can yield best results in certain scenarios.

Before joining MindSpring, she had a successful running practice in India and Singapore respectively. She is now more focused and determined to create awareness about the positive effects and success of Alternate medicine in various issues.

She works with rescued & differently abled children in various NGOs and through Hypnotherapy, she empowers them to overcome their fears and traumas & build positive mental concepts.

“I am determined to change the way we perceive and undertake treatment for various issues today. We need to come over the symptomatic treatment methodology; instead undertake treatment of the underlying root cause. This will pave the way for a healthy & a happy world. We at MindSpring, offer a combination of different healing modalities rather than just one to provide a complete and wholesome treatment covering different aspects.”

Harmanjeet Singh


Theta Healer, DNA3 Practitioner, Reiki Grandmaster, Dowser Consultant, Life Skills Coach, Pranic Healer, Reiki Teacher

Harmanjeet is a B.Tech in Computer Science and a successful business person. His first introduction to Reiki happened in the year 2006 when his mother’s ailment led him to get in touch with a Reiki healer, after everything else had failed. He was amazed to see the results of Reiki Healing and its scientific validity. He then decided to learn Reiki and went on to become a Reiki Grandmaster. During his practice, he was able to help people with various kinds of issues ranging from physical, mental and emotional health, finances, and was surprised to see the success of Reiki in removing any kind of negative energies.

After getting so many miraculous results in healing with Reiki, he entered into the wonderful world of Theta Healing in 2010. He passionately learnt all the levels of Theta Healing from Basic, Advanced, Manifestation, Diseases & Disorders, Intuitive Anatomy, DNA3, and then also became a teacher by attending the teacher’s training course with Vianna Stibal.

With 10 years of experience, he is one of the most promising healers. Apart from being passionate about healing, he also conducts Life Skills workshops where he teaches how to explore ourselves to resolve relationship issues to bring in harmony in our family life.

Monikaa Yadhuv


Reiki Master Teacher, Magnified healer, Crystal Therapist, Singing Bowl Sound healer, Past life Therapist

Monikaa is a Masters in Foods and Nutrition and a Postgraduate in Business Management. She started her career in pharmaceutical industry and then started her own venture, hereby remained in corporate world for 10 years. Her transition in Esoteric world took place in 2006 and she became a Reiki Grand Master and Crystal healing therapist. Though she has been gifted Reiki energy from the childhood, it was in 2006 when she was in third trimester of pregnancy, she had a lot of complications and she herself experienced the miraculous effect of healing from her master. With lots of challenges in life, she continued her journey of inner transformation with Reiki by completing USUI Reiki Grandmastership, Karuna Reiki, Magnified healing and lately Himalayan Singing Sound Bowls Healing.

In her professional guidance of 10 years, she has been able to help many people in the society and family by conducting workshops and also personnel counselling in every area of life. She is one of those highly intuitive, result-oriented healers who has been able to resolve emotional ,physical, financial and wellness issues of her clients. She has also been successful in boosting the confidence and bringing harmony in relationships.