We offer a series of workshops which can be customised according to your requirements. Some of the workshops are listed below, for more details, kindly send us an email at –

Fertility - a hope

The objective of this workshop is to help the participants understand the other side of Fertility Issues and how they can be resolved using the powerful healing modality of Hypnotherapy. Topics covered would include –
• Statistics
• Medical Causes
• Psychological Causes
• Mind Body Intercommunication
• Role Of Stress
• Hypnotherapy – What? Why? How? • Group Therapy on Fertility

Stress Management

Many people think “I don’t get stressed!” until they start to understand the signs and symptoms and of course, learn that it is a natural response that we ALL experience, and therefore, nothing to be embarrassed about. It is a state, not an illness!

This workshop is intended to teach people tools and techniques to cope up with various forms of stress on a daily basis. It is an exciting, fun filled workshop with a lot to take away.

Cancer Management

Gain and understanding on Hypnotherapy and how it can help managing a disease like Cancer in various ways

Conscious Existence

This workshop is intended to coach participants on how to live consciously. 99% of what we think all the time is automatic thoughts. Participants will learn how to convert automatic thoughts to better and healthy thoughts to make their lives better.

Stronger Relationships

This workshop is intended to make your relationships happier, stronger, loving and more rewarding. The target can be any relationship – personal, professional, social or any other.


This workshop is intended to help people work upon themselves on a daily basis
• To work upon an existing issue in their life
• To manifest something in life
• For general detoxification and protection

Take Charge Of Your Life

This workshop aims at providing a whole set of tools and techniques which people can use on a daily basis to detoxify themselves, protect themselves, heal themselves mentally, physically & emotionally and also manifest things in their life.
A complete end to end workshop filled with fun and excitement to actually help you take charge of your life. There is nothing better than this. After all, we have taken birth to enjoy ourselves 200%, so why not take that first step NOW!

Past Life Regression and Understanding Karma

This workshop aims at providing a proper understanding of this therapeutic technique, for all those people who are curious about it and those who have a lot of unanswered questions about the ‘why’ in their life.

So if you are the one who has been wondering
• Do past lives actually exist?
• How is my current life related to past life?
• How can I make my current life smooth by working on my past life?
• Why am I suffering even when I have never done anybody any harm in life?
• Does the key to my future lie in unlocking my past?
Join us on this exciting ride to the past to explore it, unravel it and discover how it is affecting your presence. You may also discover your hidden talents and strengths. To discover the true meaning of your current life you may need to visit a past one and understand it better!

Other Options/Add-Ons

These are additional items which you can get added in your workshops Basics
• Become Aware
• Understand the difference between mind and brain
• Discover the secrets of mind
• Why am I suffering even when I have never done anybody any harm in life?
• Learn simple techniques to relieve yourself from anger, stress and pain Bust The Stress & Let Go
• Simple techniques to release stress
• Understand the difference between mind and brain
• Discover the secrets of mind
• Confidence Building Therapy Stronger Relationships
• Understanding your-self and others – Analyse your personality
• Know the other side of the story – Analyse why the problem is happening
• Therapy – Heal the past and move ahead Love the Loneliness Group Therapy
• Habits – Grow in all directions
• Therapy for Loneliness Restore Your Health
• Basics on how physiology is related to the mind
• Briefly Understand body syndromes
• Therapy for restoring health Heal your Life
• Going back to your mother’s womb and move forward healing each incident